Magento 1.x End of Life: June 2020

After much speculation regarding the end-of-life date for Magento 1.x, Adobe announced yesterday they’ll provide security updates for post-1.5 Magento 1.x CE and Magento 1.x EE until June 2020. This end-of-life announcement provides merchants with a sizable window to make the upgrade to Magento 2.

There has been a lot of uncertainty in the Magento community regarding end of life for Magento 1.x, so the announcement is a breath of fresh air for merchants and developers who were worried about timelines.

Nevertheless, there will always be instances where making such an upgrade requires an immense amount of time, planning, and coordination, not to mention money, putting merchants in a tough position when weighing options. For merchants unlikely to upgrade before June 2020, you can take solace in initiatives like Magento LTS, which will provide long-term support for Magento 1.x long after June 2020.